The UDDI Inquiry API

The UDDI API is a SOAP-based protocol for interfacing with the UDDI Business Registry. Very broadly, the API is divided into two parts: the Inquiry API provides search and retrieval functionality, whereas the Publisher API provides insert and update functionality.

Table 7-7 provides an overview of the main UDDI inquiry functions. Inquiry functions are further subdivided into two groups: find_xxx functions provide general search functionality, whereas get_xxx functions retrieve full records based on unique key values.

Table 7-7. Main functions of the UDDI Inquiry API

Function name


find_xxx Functions


Searches for bindings associated with a specified service


Searches for businesses that match the specified criteria


Searches for services associated with a specified business


Searches for tModels that match the specified criteria

get_xxx Functions


Retrieves a complete bindingTemplate record


Retrieves a complete businessEntity record


Retrieves a complete businessService record


Retrieves a complete tModel record

Inquiry interfaces are provided at the following URLs:

To send inquiry functions, you can send a SOAP request directly to either of these URLs. Alternatively, you can try one of the UDDI ...

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