Chapter 15. Ten Cool Services for Your Site

Ten Cool Services for Your Site
  • Developing e-mail newsletters

  • Finding inexpensive professional images

  • Using pop-up previews

  • Identifying fonts in graphics

  • Creating surveys for your visitors

  • Adding a favicon to the address bar

  • Hiding your e-mail address from spammers

  • Tracking Web visitors

  • Setting up a teleconference

The best Web sites include a broad range of features, from attractive graphics to interactive surveys to detailed reports about site visitors. However, many of the most advanced features are highly complex to create and maintain. Fortunately, a growing list of Web services allows you to easily add specialized options to your Web site, without having to spend a lot of time or money. In this chapter, I introduce you to some of my favorite online resources — sites that can help you take your site beyond the basics without breaking the bank.


Most Web-based services like these make it easy to set up an account and then generate a snippet of HTML code that you can add to your own Web site. You find instructions for adding code snippets to your pages using Dreamweaver in Chapter 13.

Measuring Traffic from Web Visitors

Don't settle for the lame statistics you get from most Web servers. You need to know who is visiting your site. Add your own stat counter and you'll get far more details about where visitors come from and even what they search for in Google to find you. Although ...

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