Accessing MBean Servers

Now that you know how WebLogic organizes MBeans across MBean Servers, we can turn to accessing MBean Servers. The first point of entry is to find a home interface for the MBean Server. The home interface provides access to the underlying MBean server and enables you to reach the MBeans hosted on the server.

Local and Administration Home Interfaces

The MBean Server running on a WebLogic Server instance can be reached through the interface. Two implementations of this home interface can be obtained:

Local Home interface

This interface provides access to the local MBeans hosted on the MBean Server itself. This means that you can use the Local Home interface to access the Local Configuration and Runtime MBeans on that server instance, but not interact with any of the Administration MBeans.

Administration Home interface

This interface, exposed only by the Administration Server, provides access to the Administration MBeans and all other MBeans on all other server instances within the domain.

Figure 20-2 illustrates this architecture.

Home interfaces and their hosted MBeans

Figure 20-2. Home interfaces and their hosted MBeans

As indicated in Figure 20-2, you also can reach the Runtime MBeans on any Managed Server through the Administration Home interface itself, instead of using the Local Home interface of the Managed Server directly. Clearly, it is slower to access the local MBeans ...

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