Chapter 13. Commandment IX: Measuring Your Customer's Experience

What gets measured gets managed

If you want to see how a company is doing now, look at their current sales, if you want to know how a company will perform in the future, look at their current customer satisfaction scores.[100]

Joe Calloway, Author and Speaker
Commandment IX: Measuring Your Customer's Experience

World-class organizations use a scientific method to measure your customer's experience and satisfaction, providing benchmarks for performance in each location/department.

Your goals must be measurable, tied to a specific metric, that lets you k now how satisfied your customers are with you, who is clearly serving customers, who is inconsistent, if you are keeping your Service Vision to your customers, how effective your service recovery is, and how you stack up against your competition.

By now you are aware of the significant obstacles to customer service, the formula for being world-class, the importance of an internal world-class culture, how to recruit and train your employees, how to develop service recovery systems, and ways to create an above-and-beyond culture and legacy for your customers. Another key component that is still needed is a definitive way to measure the customer's experience and level of satisfaction. Without doing this, you will have no idea of how consistent your locations and departments are in delivering customer service. You will not know ...

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