Accounting, cash method

Aguilar, Luis

Aldonis, Grant

Alternative pricing regime

Alternative simplified credit (ASC)

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. See also Fiscal stimulus

American Research & Development Corporation (ARDC)

American Taxpayer Relief Act


Amin, Neil

Angel investors, financing of start-ups

Archer, Bill

Assets and savings, as financing source

Audience for book

Background of book

Baily, Martin

Baker, Scott

Banks, Clay

Banks and financial institutions:

financing of start-ups
jobs emergency overview
support for entrepreneurship

Barrios, Elizabeth

Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC)

Batchelder, Sheryl

Bennett, Michael

Bernanke, Ben

Beveridge curve

Bezos, Jeff

Birch, David

Black, Nita

Blaisdell, Kenneth

Blake, Alan

Bloom, Nicholas

Bloomberg, Michael

Blueseed Company business plan

Blunt, Roy

Bockius, Chad

Boehner, John

Brill, J. Michael

Brin, Sergey

Budget Control Act

Budget deficit, uncertainty as factor. See also Fiscal cliff

Burns, Bob

Bush, George W.:

tax policy
trade policy
uncertainty as factor

Business-college partnerships

Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS)

Business-education dialogue recommendation

Capelli, Peter

Capital for start-ups. See Financing of start-ups

Case, Steve

Casey, Mark

Cash method of accounting

Cash stockpiling

Casnocha, Ben

CBO. See Congressional Budget Office

Chandra, Reggie

Chen, Steve


R&D spending
strategic and economic dialogue


Clifton, Jim

Cobb, Joni

Coffee, Brett

Community college ...

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