In page references, n. indicates an endnote, and italicized page numbers indicate figures or tables.


as decentralization proceeds, 7879

of local governments, 6266

public records, 71

to village associations, 70

of village heads, 66

village-level, 6876

village-level recommendations, 7980

Act on Human Rights, 8

Adat. See also Customary communities; Customary rights

difficulty in defining, 115

village determination of, 75

Africa, attitudes toward forest dwellers, 389

Agrarian Law of 1960, Basic, 8283


economic losses from fire, 297, 298

fire as tool, 31516, 31718

importance to national economy, 24748

land clearing, 251, 251


economic viability, 127

sustainability, 135

Air movement, haze dispersion, ...

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