A Christmas Carol (Dickens), 141

A Thousand Waves (Reynolds), 129

absorbedness, achieving, 80-81

Action Learning Associates, leadership training, 135-137

actions, that reflect our values, 96-98

advisors, life’s work, 112

Africa, Dick’s trip to, 1-4


free, 66

of transformation, 132

American Beauty, Lester Burnham character in, 107-108

analysis, present work environment, 74-75

Anderson, Arne, serving others, 32-35

antique dealer, creating beauty, 122-124

Apple Computer, Steve Jobs, 46


being your own life’s, 137-138

Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, 55

Aristotle, The Nichomachean Ethics, 70-71

art, and life, 24

attitude, job satisfaction, 99-101

Baldwin, Christina, Life’s Companion: Journal Writing As a Spiritual Quest, 41

beauty, ...

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