Chapter 5. Breaking a Sweat with Aerobics

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the benefits of aerobics

  • Toning up

Many people equate exercising with performing aerobic activities, such as running on a treadmill or bicycling, because there are more immediate effects: Your heart starts pounding, sweat starts dripping, and your body starts to feel the burn, psychologically indicating fat is melting away. Although aerobic exercises shouldn't be your sole form of exercise, they are an extremely important component of a well-rounded physical fitness regimen. Aerobic activities improve the efficiency of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system when performed regularly.

Wii Fit Plus's aerobic exercises meet all the criteria for a good aerobic workout, but unlike riding a stationary bike or walking a treadmill, these activities also keep you mentally engaged, whether by catching hoops or looking for hidden Super Mario Bros. icons on the jogging trails.

In this chapter, you are introduced to the various Wii Fit Plus aerobic exercises, including descriptions of each one. Tips on performing the exercises are also provided.

Getting Started

To access the aerobics exercises, select the red Aerobics button on the Training menu. Once at the Aerobics Selector Menu, pick the activity you want to perform. Table 5-1 outlines the available Wii Fit Plus aerobics activities, including those that appear under Training Plus, which is covered in Chapter 6. After you select an activity, you see the game summary information, ...

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