AU-C 230 Audit Documentation


Original Pronouncements Statements on Auditing Standards (SAS) 122 and 123.


Source: AU-C 230.06

Audit documentation. The record of audit procedures performed, relevant audit evidence obtained, and conclusions the auditor reached (terms such as working papers or workpapers are also sometimes used).

Audit file. One or more folders or other storage media, in physical or electronic form, containing the records that constitute the audit documentation for a specific engagement.

Documentation completion date. The date, no later than 60 days following the report release date, on which the auditor has assembled for retention a complete and final set of documentation in an audit file.

Experienced auditor. An individual (whether internal or external to the firm) who has practical audit experience and a reasonable understanding of:

  1. Audit processes;
  2. GAAS and applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
  3. The business environment in which the entity operates; and
  4. Auditing and financial reporting issues relevant to the entity's industry.

Report release date. The date the auditor grants the entity permission to use the auditor's report in connection with the financial statements.


AU-C Section 230.05 states that:

… the objective of the auditor is to prepare documentation that provides

  1. a sufficient and appropriate record of the basis for the auditor's report; and

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