Chapter 2

A Fresh Start: Restore and Reset

In This Chapter

arrow Refreshing, resetting, and restoring your PC

arrow Creating and using a System Image

arrow Introducing the Windows Recovery Environment

In this chapter, I look at how you can bring back to life a computer that’s been possessed. (This chapter doesn’t talk about bringing files back from the dead. That’s the purview of Book VIII, Chapter 1.)

askwoodycom If you’ve worked with Windows for any length of time at all, you know that from time to time Windows PCs simply go out to lunch … and stay there. The problem could stem from a bad drive, a scrambled Registry entry, a driver that’s suddenly taken on a mind of its own, a revolutionary new program that’s throwing its own revolution, or that dicey tuna sandwich you had for lunch.

Windows is a computer program, not a Cracker Jack toy, and it will have problems. The trick lies in making sure that you don’t have problems too. This chapter walks you through the important tools you have at hand to make Windows do what you need to do, to solve problems as they (inevitably!) occur.

If you’re the family’s resident ...

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