abstract data types

data types vs., 8–9

objects (components) based on, 10

ACLs (access control lists), in KMDF, 180

AcquireLock method, IWDFObject, 70

Active Template Library (ATL), UMDF, 85, 112

adaptive time-outs, I/O requests, 66–67

AddRef method, IUnknown

defined, 82, 95

implementing, 125

rules for reference counting, 120

UMDF object model, 45

Administrators, privileges of, 180

algorithms, 8–9

Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs (Wirth), 8

The Annotated C++ Reference Manual (Stroustrup), 8

applications, UMDF driver architecture, 44, 83


device driver objects, 7–12

UMDF, 82–84

WDF. See WDF (Windows Driver Foundation)

Windows I/O layered, 79–81

WMI, 253–254

Aristotle, on characteristics of objects and concepts, 7

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