Chapter 2. The Desktop, Start Menu, Taskbar, Gadgets, and Other Windows 7 Mysteries

In This Chapter

  • Starting Windows 7

  • Entering a password

  • Logging on to Windows 7

  • Using the desktop and other Windows 7 features

  • Logging off of Windows 7

  • Turning off your computer

This chapter provides a drive-by tour of Windows 7. You turn on your computer, start Windows, and spend a few minutes gawking at Windows 7's various neighborhoods: the desktop, the taskbar, the Start menu, and the environmentally correct (and compassionate) Recycle Bin.

The programs you're using hang out on the Windows desktop (a fancy word for the Windows background). The taskbar serves as a head turner, letting you move from one program to another. To invite yet more programs onto the desktop, drop by the Start menu: It's full of push buttons that let you add programs to your mix.

Want to get rid of something? Dump it into the Recycle Bin, where it either fades away with time or, if necessary, can be safely revived.

If you're installing or upgrading your PC to Windows 7, I give the complete step-by-step instructions in this book's appendix.

Being Welcomed to the World of Windows 7

Starting Windows 7 is as easy as turning on your computer — Windows 7 leaps onto the screen automatically with a futuristic flourish. But before you can start working, Windows 7 may throw you a fastball with its first screen: Windows wants you to log on, as shown in Figure 2-1, by clicking your name.

I've customized my Welcome screen. Yours will look different. ...

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