Chapter 13: Social Networking with Windows 8.1


Using the People app

Setting up social media accounts

Viewing social media activity

Navigating the People app

One of the most popular activities online is communicating using social media programs, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube.

The updated Windows 8.1 People app lets you integrate your contacts and updates from multiple social network sites such as Windows Live, Facebook, and Twitter into one single location for that person. For Windows users, at least, it has now become the de facto hub for all your social media accounts. Also, the Mail and Messaging apps rely on the People app for selecting contacts to send e-mail and instant messages.

This chapter explores how to access various social media programs in Windows 8.1, including using the People app to consolidate many of your favorite social media communications into one app.

Using the People App

The Windows 8.1 People app is provided on the Windows Start screen when you install Windows 8.1. Figure 13.1 shows the People live tile. This tile displays information, updates, status changes, and photo changes for contacts you follow on different social media tools. For example, the information shown in Figure 13.1 shows Facebook friends.

Figure 13.1

The People app has a live tile on the Windows Start screen.


Setting up a social media ...

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