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Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 Fundamentals

Book Description

Delve into the fundamental tools and techniques for Windows Embedded CE and get ready to deliver the next innovation in powered devices. Covering the newest version of the technology Windows Embedded CE R2 and led by two embedded-development experts, you ll get both the hands-on instruction and pragmatic reference you need to begin building a range of small footprint, smart, connected, and service-oriented devices. This book examines the architecture, built-in programming tools, drivers, and build process, and shows how to take advantage of the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Software Development Kit (SDK). Whether new to programming with Windows and Windows Embedded, or already working with the platform, you ll find the best practices and real-world guidance you need to get productive quickly. Key Book Benefits: Delivers the practical, fundamental instruction that developers new to Windows or Windows Embedded CE need to get productive quickly Introduces readers to the operating system s architecture, built-in programming tools, drivers, and development process Features practical coverage of the SDK, enabling developers to dig in and start work right away

Table of Contents

  1. Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 Fundamentals
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    2. 1. Introduction
      1. About This Book
        1. Chapter 1: Introduction
        2. Chapter 2: Operating System and Application Development Tools
        3. Chapter 3: Operating System Architecture
        4. Chapter 4: Build System
        5. Chapter 5: Board Support Package (BSP)
        6. Chapter 6: Driver Architecture
        7. Chapter 7: Starting the Operating System
        8. Chapter 8: Building Devices
        9. Chapter 9: Application Development
        10. Chapter 10: Testing Operating System Images
        11. Glossary
        12. References
        13. Resources
      2. Embedded Systems
        1. Windows Embedded CE History
        2. Windows Embedded CE Solutions
      3. Developer Workstation Requirements
    3. 2. Operating System and Application Development Tools
      1. Installing Visual Studio 2005
      2. Installing the Platform Builder Toolkit
      3. Installing Updates
      4. Development Tools Interface
        1. Main Views, Windows, and Menus of the Design Interface
      5. Remote Utilities
        1. File Viewer
        2. Heap Walker
        3. Zoom
        4. Process Viewer
        5. Registry Editor
        6. System Information
        7. Performance Monitor
        8. Spy
        9. Kernel Tracker
        10. Call Profiler
    4. 3. Operating System Architecture
      1. Operating System Kernel Architecture
      2. Operating System and Hardware Interaction
      3. Operating System Virtual Memory Architecture
      4. Memory Management
      5. Processes, Threads, Fibers, and the Scheduler
      6. Synchronization Objects
      7. Interrupt Architecture
    5. 4. Build System
      1. Directory Tree of the Build System
      2. Environment Variables of the Build System
      3. Image Build Modes
      4. Build Stages
        1. Pre-Sysgen Build
        2. Sysgen
        3. Post-Sysgen Build
        4. Build Release Directory (Buildrel)
        5. Make Run-Time Image (Makeimg)
      5. Configuration Files
        1. Binary Image Builder (.Bib)
          1. MEMORY Section
          2. CONFIG Section
          3. MODULES Section
          4. FILES Section
        2. Object Store Initialization Files (.Dat)
        3. Registry Initialization Files (.Reg)
        4. Database Initialization Files (.Db)
      6. Component and Module Build
        1. Dirs Files
        2. Makefile Files
        3. Sources Files
        4. Sources.cmn File
        5. Build Errors
          1. Sysgen Error
          2. Post-Sysgen Build Error
          3. Buildrel Error
          4. Makeimg Error
    6. 5. Board Support Package (BSP)
      1. BSP Directory Structure
      2. Boot Loader
      3. OEM Abstraction Layer
      4. Common Platform Code
      5. Kernel Independent Transport Layer (KITL)
      6. Drivers
      7. Configuration Files
      8. Creating a New BSP
    7. 6. Driver Architecture
      1. Driver Implementation Architecture
      2. File System Drivers, Thread Drivers, and Native Drivers
      3. User-Mode Drivers and Kernel-Mode Drivers
      4. Loading the Drivers
      5. Driver Development
    8. 7. Starting the Operating System
      1. Image Preparation
      2. Startup Process
      3. Loading the File System
      4. Loading the Device Manager
    9. 8. Building Devices
      1. BSP Cloning
      2. Cloning a Component or a Project
      3. Automatic Application Launch at Startup
      4. Automatic Load of Drivers During the System Startup
      5. Device Power Management
      6. Device File System
      7. Device Registry
      8. Device Databases
      9. Device Plug and Play Messaging System
      10. Device System Shell
      11. Adding Files to the Device Image
      12. Creating File Shortcuts in the Device
    10. 9. Application Development
      1. Native Code and Managed Code
      2. OS Design Subprojects and Separate Projects
      3. Building Applications as OS Design Subprojects
      4. Building Applications as Separate Projects
        1. Environment Preparation for Building Native Code Applications
        2. Environment Preparation for Building Managed Code Applications
        3. Connecting to the Device to Deploy and Debug Applications
          1. Determining the Device IP Address
    11. 10. Testing Operating System Images
      1. Windows Embedded CE Test Kit
      2. Testing the Image with Support for KITL Enabled
      3. CETK Utilities
        1. Application Verifier
        2. CPU Monitor
        3. PerfToCsv
        4. Print Screen
        5. Windows Embedded CE Stress Tool
    12. Glossary
    13. References
      1. Bibliography
    14. Resources
      1. Forums
      2. Blogs
      3. Newsgroups
      4. Books
    15. Index
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