Build Stages

The build process generally consists of five stages, as follows:

  1. Pre-sysgen.

  2. Sysgen (system generation).

  3. Post-sysgen Build.

  4. Build Release Directory (Buildrel).

  5. Make Run-Time Image (Makeimg).

A typical diagram of building an image (without the Pre-sysgen stage) is shown in Figure 4–1.

Build stages for building a run-time image

Figure 4–1. Build stages for building a run-time image

The batch file Cebuild.bat manages the Pre-sysgen, Sysgen, and Post-sysgen Build stages; BuildRel.bat builds a flat build directory; and Makeimg.exe builds the final image. Figure 4–2 shows the main calls to the files responsible for the build.

Figure 4–2. Calls to files during run-time image creation

Pre-Sysgen ...

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