Chapter 21. Backing Up Windows Computers

In Chapter 20, we discuss some of the benefits of Windows Home Server's backup capability, and how to configure the global backup settings that apply to all of your computer backups. Now you know how to get all of your Windows computers connected to the server and backed up. Great! Really, that is most of the battle. However, you can still go a little further with backups by customizing the backup configuration of each computer. You can decide exactly which drives and folders to include in each computer's backups.

On top of the backup configuration settings, Windows Home Server gives you some handy backup management tools. You can browse all of the backups for a computer, as well as decide to manually override the default backup management settings by either keeping a particular backup indefinitely or forcing it to be deleted during the next backup cleanup event.

Manual backups are another option. Manual backups allow you to make a backup at any time without having to wait for the scheduled backup time. This makes backups not only a tool for system recovery, but also a way to freeze your system to an exact point before you do something major to it, such as installing a new hard drive or a Windows service pack.

Configuring Computer Backups

The Computers & Backup tab, shown in Figure 21.1, lets you manage ...

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