Emailing with Windows Live Mail


  • Learn about Windows Live Mail
  • Discover how to add email accounts to Windows Live Mail
  • Create and send email messages to friends, family, or anyone else you know
  • Save draft messages to send or edit later
  • Personalize your email messages with formatting, color, and styles
  • Customize your email messages with stationery
  • Identify yourself in your email messages with your own personalized signature
  • Learn how to forward and reply to email messages
  • Discover how to embed attachments or photos into your messages
  • Manage the people you know via Windows Live Contacts
  • Manage junk mail and prevent it from entering your Inbox
  • Learn how to add and read RSS feeds from Windows Live Mail

IN THE past, people would write letters, stick them in an envelope, add a stamp, and mail them off to another person. That was the way one sent mail. In the world of the Internet, people now tend to send messages via the Internet and email. Instead of taking days, electronic messages can travel almost instantly.

Emails can contain text, images, and more. You can send plain, simple text, or you can format it with special fonts, bolding, and much more. You can even use stationery for your messages!

Of course, to send email you need an email account and a program for creating emails. If you followed the instructions in Chapter 1, you most likely have a Windows Live ID. In fact, the Windows Live ID you created in Chapter 1 can be used as an email ID. ...

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