Internet Explorer — \program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe


A web browser used to view web content.

To Open

Start Programs Internet Explorer

Use the Internet Explorer icon on the Desktop or on the QuickLaunch Toolbar

Command Prompt iexplore


iexplore [-nohome] [url]


Internet Explorer (IE) is a full-featured web browser that can be used to navigate the web, as well as view web content on your local network or hard drive. Web content is typically in the form of web pages (.html), but can also be images (.gif and .jpg), FTP sites, or even streaming video or audio (via the Windows Media Player) (see Figure 4-43).

Internet Explorer 6.0 is the default web browser in Windows XP

Figure 4-43. Internet Explorer 6.0 is the default web browser in Windows XP

Navigation in IE is accomplished by clicking hyperlinks in web pages or by typing addresses in IE’s Address Bar. Frequently visited sites can be “bookmarked” by creating Internet Shortcuts (similar to Windows Shortcuts), stored in your Favorites folder, your Desktop, or anywhere else on your hard disk.

Use the Back and Next buttons (Alt-left arrow and Alt-right arrow, respectively) to navigate through the history, which is empty in each new IE window that is opened. Use the Stop button (or press ESC) to stop the loading of a page, and use the Refresh button (or press F5) to reload the page, displaying any changes that might have been made or displaying an updated ...

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