Microsoft NetMeeting — \program files\netmeeting\conf.exe


Voice and video conference application.

To Open

Start Programs Accessories Communications NetMeeting

Command Prompt conf


NetMeeting allows videoconferencing (videophone) andvoice conferencing (net phone) over a network or Internet connection (see Figure 4-53). The connection is made via either a central directory service (Microsoft provides several) or directly to another user’s IP address.

All you need to initiate a voice conference (audio only) is an Internet connection and a sound card, speakers, and a microphone on each end. For video conferencing, all you need in addition are two videoconferencing cameras (USB cameras are surprisingly cheap). As you might expect, videoconferencing requires more bandwidth than voice conferencing alone. Make sure your Internet connection and all your sound and video hardware are properly installed before you try to use them with NetMeeting.

NetMeeting facilitates voice and video conferencing over an Internet or LAN connection

Figure 4-53. NetMeeting facilitates voice and video conferencing over an Internet or LAN connection

The first time you start NetMeeting, you’ll be asked several questions about your identity. If privacy is a concern, you don’t have to fill out all the fields, but the email address will help others find you if they don’t have your IP address (using a directory server).

The next page in the setup wizard allows you to choose ...

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