Wscript Object

The Wscript object is a built-in object. You do not have to create an instance of this object in your scripts; it is created automatically. The Wscript object provides the ability to create new objects, output basic info, and exit a script.

Table 9-7 lists a number of properties the Wscript object exposes.

Table 9-7. Wscript object properties

Full name

Name and path of executable


Identifies if script is running in interactive (Wscript) or batch (Cscript) mode


Name of the WSH (e.g., Windows Script Host)


Path where WSH executables reside


Full name and path of script


Name of script


Version of WSH

Echo Method

The Echo method outputs data to the screen. If you are running the script using cscript.exe, the information will be output to the command prompt window from which the script was run, while wscript.exe will output the data as a Windows message box. Its syntax is:

Wscript.Echo [anyArg1, anyArg2...anyArgX]

CreateObject Method

The CreateObject method creates a new instance of a specified COM object. Once the object has been successfully created, you can access any properties or call any methods the object exposes. Its syntax is:

Set objObject = Wscript.CreateObject(strObjectId)

The strObjectId parameter identifies which component to create. This is unique for each type of COM object. The values will be provided in the documentation for each object.

Arguments Collection

The Arguments collection ...

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