PRC Command-Line Conversion

The PRC GUI-based converter tool is easy to use. However, this comes at the expense of functionality. For example, what if you wish to associate a new icon with your application rather than have the default icon? You can use the command-line converter to complete this and other tasks.

The MIDP for Palm OS distribution comes with a command-line tool for converting JAR files to PRC files. The tool is the MakeMIDPApp , which is part of the converter.jar archive. To run this converter, use the command:

C:\mid4palm1.0\converter> java -cp converter.jar com.sun.midp.palm.database.MakeMIDPApp
   [options] JARfile

The options for this command are shown in Table 9-1:

Table 9-1. Command-line PRC converter tool options




Verbose output

-v -v

More information


Same as -v

-icon <file>

File containing icon (in bmp, pbm, or bin Palm resource format) for the list viewof the application

-smallicon <file>

File containing a small icon for the Palm OS device’s icon view

-name <name>

Short name for the application, for the Palm OS device’s icon view

-longname <name>

Long name for the application, for Palm OS device list view

-creator <crid>

Creator ID for the application

-type <type>

Type file for the application (default is appl)

-outfile <file>

Name of the PRC file to create

-o <file>

Same as -outfile

-version <string>

Change version


Print help information

-jad <JADfile>

A JAD file ...

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