Archiving Content with WordPress

When you create a post on your WordPress blog, you can file that post under a category that you specify. This feature makes for a nifty archiving system in which you and your readers can find articles/posts that you've placed within a specific category. Articles you post are also sorted and organized by date (day/month/year) so that you can easily locate articles that you posted at a certain time. The archives page on Lisa's Web site (see it at contains a Chronological Archive section, which has a list of months followed by the content she published in that particular month and year. If you click a date on that page, a listing of articles from that month drops down, and each article title is linked to that article (see Figure 7-1).

image You can easily create an archive listing like the one on Lisa's Sitemap page (shown in Figure 7-1) by using a WordPress plugin called Clean Archives Reloaded, which you can find in the WordPress Plugin Directory at This plugin is easy to install, and to use it, you just need to create a page and add a short code segment ([cleanarchivesreloaded]) to the page content; that code automatically builds a Chronological Archives page that links to all the content you've published on your site. Easy archives!

Figure 7-1: An archive listing ...

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