Chapter 9

Understanding Themes and Templates

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at the basic website structure

arrow Exploring the required templates

arrow Understanding The Loop and Main Index template

arrow Putting together a basic theme

arrow Using common template tags

If, like me, you like to get your hands dirty, you need to read this chapter. WordPress users who create their own themes do so in the interest of

  • Individuality: You can have a theme that no one else has. (If you use one of the free themes, you can pretty much count on the fact that at least a dozen other WordPress websites will have the same look as yours.)
  • Creativity: You can display your own personal flair and style.
  • Control: You can have full control of how the site looks, acts, and delivers your content.

Many of you aren’t at all interested in creating your own theme for your WordPress blog, however. Sometimes, it’s just easier to leave matters to the professionals and hire an experienced WordPress theme developer to create a custom look ...

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