Appendix B. Content Controls

This appendix summarizes controls that are designed to hold content. They display something that the user should see but should generally not modify.

The following sections very briefly summarize the WPF content controls. They list the controls' most important properties and provide simple XAML examples. For greater detail on the controls, see Chapter 5.

Many of these controls provide decoration for a single child. For example, you can place a single child inside a Border or GroupBox. Remember that this child can be a container such as a Grid or StackPanel, so being able to hold only one child isn't really much of a restriction.


The Border draws a border around or background behind a single child control. The key properties are given in Table B-1.

Table B.1. Key Properties of Border




The color used to fill the control's interior


The color of the control's edge


The control edge's thickness


The radius of curvature for the control's corners. Areas outside the curve are transparent so the parent shows through.


The BulletDecorator displays a single item and bullet in a bulleted list. The Bullet property defines the bullet. The control's ...

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