Customizing mwm

This chapter describes the syntax of the .mwmrc startup file that can be used to customize the operation of the mwm window manager. It describes how to bind functions to keys and how to define your own mwm menus. This chapter also explains how to set up mwm to use an icon box, a window in which icons on the display can be organized.

In This Chapter:

Activating Changes to the Window Manager

The system.mwmrc File

mwm Functions

Menu Specifications

Key Bindings

Button Bindings

Customizing the Root Menu

Creating New Menus

Cascading Menus

Setting mwm Resources

Component Appearance Resources

mwm-Specific Appearance and Behavior Resources

Client-Specific Resources

Setting the Focus Policy

Using an Icon Box


Customizing mwm

The Motif window manager is one of the more flexible window managers available in the X market today. As we saw in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, mwm provides a wide variety of methods for managing windows (i.e., moving, resizing, iconifying, etc.). In addition, virtually every feature of mwm can be customized. You can change the appearance of window frames, icons, and menus, the functions available on the Root Menu and the Window Menu, the keyboard focus policy, how icons are arranged on the display, as well as the appearance of client applications running with mwm. As we'll see, you can also create additional menus, displayed from the root window, to perform actions on the display as a whole.

Customization of mwm is controlled in two ways:

  • Through ...

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