Getting X11

This appendix lists where you can get the sources and patches to both Release 4 and Release 5 of X11.

In This Appendix:

Where Can I Get X11R5?

Where Can I Get Patches to X11R5?

Where Can I Get X11R4?


Getting X11

The information in this chapter is taken from the comp.windows.x Frequently Asked Questions List. We provide it here for your convenience, but we encourage you to get the latest version of the FAQ (as described in Section A.2) for more updated information.

F.1 Where Can I Get X11R5?

Information about MIT's distribution of the sources on 6250bpi and QIC-24 tape and its distribution of hardcopy of the documents is available from Software Center, Technology Licensing Office, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 28 Carleton Street, Room E32-300, Cambridge MA 02142-1324, phone: 617-258-8330.

You will need about 100Mb of disk space to hold all of Core and 140MB to hold the Contrib software donated by individuals and companies.

PLEASE use a site that is close to you in the network.

Note that the RELEASE notes are generally available separately in the same directory; the notes list changes from previous versions of X and offer a guide to the distribution.

Table F-1. North America Anonymous ftp



Table F-2. Europe/Middle East/Australia Anonymous ftp

Table F-3. ...

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