Tutorial Layout

Before we talk about the details of the XML document design and the XSLT source code, we’ll review the actual HTML, zip, and PDF files we need to create. One advantage we had in this project is that we didn’t have any existing XML documents to contend with; this advantage gave us complete freedom over the XML document design.

Menu Panel

The menu panel is the first HTML document a user sees. It looks like Figure 9-1.

Toot-O-Matic menu panel

Figure 9-1. Toot-O-Matic menu panel

In this example, the string Building tutorials with the Toot-O-Matic and all section titles are JPEG graphics created with our stylesheets and extensions. If you mouseover a section title, its background color changes, as shown in Figure 9-2.

Mouseover effect for section titles

Figure 9-2. Mouseover effect for section titles

In this sample, notice that the text of the menu item appears as a tooltip. This appearance is useful for sight-impaired users, and is consistent with the Web Accessibility Guidelines defined by the W3C.

A variety of navigation controls appear on every panel in a tutorial. The navigation bar contains items such as Main menu, Section menu, and Feedback. Although some items are disabled (if you’re already on the Main menu, the Main menu item isn’t active, for example), they appear on every panel of the tutorial. There are ...

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