Logging in to the Zabbix interface

Our first steps in website testing were fairly simple. Let's do something more fancy now. We will attempt to log in to the Zabbix frontend, check whether that succeeds, and then log out. We should also verify that the logout operation was successful, by the way.


We will use the default Admin user account for these tests. Note that this will pollute the audit log with login/logout entries for this user.

We will do this with a larger number of individual steps for greater clarity:

  • Step 1: Check the first page
  • Step 2: Log in
  • Step 3: Check login
  • Step 4: Log out
  • Step 5: Check logout

We will set up this scenario on A test host. Go to Configuration | Hosts, click on Web next to A test host, and click on Create web scenario ...

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