Appendix . Practice Exam Questions


Which of the following strings are not valid modes for the fopen() function?

  1. a+b

  2. b+a

  3. at

  4. w

  5. x+


Consider the following piece of code:

$arr = array(3 => "First", 2=> "Second", 1=> "Third");
list (, $result) = $arr;

After running it, the value of $result would be

  1. First

  2. Second

  3. Third

  4. This piece of code will not run, but fail with a parse error.


In standard SQL-92, which of these situations do not require or cannot be handled through the use of an aggregate SQL function? (Choose 2)

  1. Calculating the sum of all the values in a column.

  2. Determining the minimum value in a result set.

  3. Grouping the results of a query by one or more fields.

  4. Calculating the sum of all values in a column and retrieving all the values of another ...

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