Chapter 10. Stream and Network Programming

Terms You’ll Need to Understand

  • File wrappers

  • Streams

  • Sockets

  • Blocking calls

Techniques You’ll Need to Master

  • Filesystem functions

  • Network functions

  • Socket functions

  • Stream functions

  • URL functions

  • List of supported protocols/wrappers

  • List of supported transports

php.ini Settings to Understand

  • allow_url_fopen (Filesystem)

  • auto_detect_line_endings (Filesystem)

  • default_socket_timeout (Filesystem)

  • from (Filesystem)

  • user_agent (Filesystem)

What Are File Wrappers?

File wrappers are pieces of code that PHP uses to read from and write to different types of files. They are part of PHP’s Streams architecture.

File wrappers allow you to use PHP’s built-in filesystem functions on things that aren’t normal files.

Figure 10.1 shows what ...

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