Chapter 15

Ten Common Myths about Zoom


check Debunking some popular conceptual Zoom myths

check Setting the record straight on Zoom’s communication limitations

In this chapter, I dispel some of the most common myths about what Zoom can do and how to make it stick inside your organization.

Note that these myths apply to Zoom’s most popular offering: Meetings & Chat.

Zoom Is No Different than Legacy Videoconferencing Tools

Say that your organization continues to rely upon a 1990s-era videoconferencing application. You think it is just as good as Zoom. By that rationale, when it comes to basketball, I am as skilled as LeBron James.

Those last two statements are patently ridiculous. I couldn’t hold a candle to King James on the court when he was 15 years old, never mind now. The same holds true for antiquated videoconferencing tools born decades ago.

As Chapter 1 describes, the quality of Zoom’s core technology and code base exceeds that of its predecessors on many levels. Yes, those legacy tools may still technically work on older devices running ancient operating systems. To claim that they are as powerful, user-friendly, and extensible as Zoom is ludicrous.

Zoom Is Fundamentally Insecure

When COVID-19 arrived in the United States in earnest, Zoom usage surged by an astonishing ...

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