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For over 40 years our experts have followed and filtered the trends and advancements in technology and business. We share a wide range of unique insights with your team, so they get the answers they need to stay ahead of what’s next.

The best way to understand how the O’Reilly learning platform can help drive your business is to dive in and start exploring. So try it free for 10 days. Or, request a demo and we’ll walk you through how O’Reilly can work for your business, including our real-time HR dashboard and new Learning Insights. Below is a sampling of just a few of the topics that you’ll find on the O’Reilly learning platform.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Once considered “nice to have,” AI and machine learning expertise is now in demand by organizations driven to stay ahead. The O’Reilly learning platform provides up-to-the-minute content on AI and ML to ensure your company stays on top in an era of constant change and innovation.


To succeed, every organization needs two key elements: high-performing people and sound strategy. O’Reilly provides fresh, exclusive content on business management, providing critical insights that help develop powerful teams and strategies. So you can keep your organization ahead of the curve.

Career development

Your lead programmer might be an ace with code—but how are they with presenting to the board? Or running a meeting? Or getting the most from their team? With O’Reilly, anyone in your company can find great tools, tips, and tricks to develop the skills they need to take the next step—and help drive your business more effectively.


In our recent survey of 590 tech insiders, nearly 50% cited lack of skills as their company’s top challenge in adopting cloud native infrastructure.1 And companies who continue to delay moving to the cloud risk becoming antiquated. Getting your people up to speed on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud doesn’t have to be daunting. O’Reilly can help.


Behind every good business decision is the collection and comprehensive analysis of data. Develop your ability to unlock insights with business intelligence, and help your organization leverage data to make decisions that impact current operations—and predict the opportunities of the future.


How can you get the most out of your API? What are the most critical tools a designer needs to develop a product? How do you get your entire UX team aligned to create a cohesive and seamless experience? With the O’Reilly learning platform, you’ll find the answers you need.

Emerging technology

Today, it’s harder than ever—yet more important than ever—to keep track of the latest technologies and trends. The O’Reilly experts constantly have their ears to the ground, listening for what’s next, to help keep your team up to date. So your company can harness the power of our radar to help shape the future of your business.


Maybe it’s time to go serverless, but you have legitimate concerns about disrupting your business. Perhaps the growing pressures of staying compliant are weighing on you. Or maybe you can’t tell if microservices are going to give you macro headaches. The best way to make big decisions is to dive deep and thoroughly educate yourself. Which is kind of our speciality.


When a data breach or malware attack happens, a swift response is critical; every second counts. Our security content will give you the knowledge to prepare your organization not only to respond to threats, but proactively deter them.

Software development

What lies ahead for Python, Java, C#, Go, Kotlin, and Rust? What impact will AI and ML have in an open source environment? Is it worth investing in implementing blockchain for your B2B transactions? These are big questions that can have huge implications. We help you find the answers.

Web & mobile

We’re all wandering around with powerful computers in our pockets. Which means you have the ability to connect with partners and customers anywhere in the world at any given moment. From app design to development, we’ll show you how to navigate the ever-changing world of small screens to leverage every competitive advantage.

And more

There are over 35,000 book titles by O’Reilly and our trusted publishing partners. More than 30,000 hours of video. Live online training, case studies, and more. That makes for hundreds (if not thousands) of additional areas of interest covered on the O’Reilly learning platform. And it’s easy to find any of it.

1 O’Reilly cloud native infrastructure adoption survey, February 27–March 27, 2019.