Michael Casey

Michael Casey is a writer and researcher in the fields of economics, finance and digital-currency technology. He was recently named as Senior Advisor for Blockchain Opportunities at the MIT Media Lab's new Digital Currency Initiative. This follows 23 years as a journalist, the last 18 of which were spent at The Wall Street Journal. In a career spanning Perth, Bangkok, Jakarta, Buenos Aires and New York, Michael has covered currencies, bonds, equities and economic policy. Most recently, he was WSJ's senior columnist covering global economics and markets. Along with WSJ colleague Paul Vigna, Michael is the co-author of The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money are Challenging the Global Economic Order and wrote the regular WSJ BitBeat column on digital currency developments. He has worked as a host of WSJ-sponsored online TV news programs and has been a frequent commentator on CNBC, the BBC, Fox Business, CNN and a variety of other broadcast media. Prior to The Age of Cryptocurrency, Michael authored two earlier books: The Unfair Trade, a book on the global dimensions of the financial crisis and Che's Afterlife, about the international impact of Alberto Korda's iconic image of Che Guevara. He is a graduate of the University of Western Australia and has a Master's Degree from Cornell University.

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