James Governor

James Governor

James Governor is Principal Analyst and founder of RedMonk. He leads coverage in the enterprise applications space, assisting clients with application development, integration middleware and systems management issues, as they relate to operational and business process optimization.

Before RedMonk he spent three years at Illuminata, Inc., where he led both the Application Strategies and Enterprise Management practices at the firm. He worked with both vendor clients, to establish product development and marketing strategies, and as an advisor on IT strategy to user organizations and service providers. James managed other analysts at the firm to ensure timely delivery of reports and custom research projects.

He joined Illuminata from InformationWeek UK, where he was deputy managing editor.

Before InformationWeek he worked at Computing, the UK's leading enterprise title. As a reporter he specialized in systems management, application middleware, and legacy operating environments, working closely with IT managers and vendors to identify and break exclusive news stories.

James has been an IBM and Microsoft corporate watcher for 8 years. He's regularly quoted in US and European press, and has served as an industry expert for television and radio segments with media outlets like the BBC.

Web 2.0 Architectures Web 2.0 Architectures
by James Governor, Dion Hinchcliffe, Duane Nickull
May 2009
Print: $34.99
Ebook: $27.99

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Webcast: Grid 2.0
February 19, 2009
With the coming energy crunch set to dwarf the credit crunch Smart Grids are quickly becoming a really hot topic--why is that? Just how do Smart Grids help solve energy issues and what can we do with the masses of data which these Smart Grids will generate...

"Overall it does a good job of defining the web 2.0 architectural patterns. I would recommend it for someone developing a new concept for a website, though be beware of its narrow scope. "
--Simon Clarke, CEng MBCS CITP, ITNOW

"Web 2.0 Architectures was a fascinating read ..."
--Nick Jewell, Fleeting Thoughts

"This is without doubt the best book I have read on Web 2.0. "
--Lorraine Warren, www.doclorraine.com

"It is an excellent introduction for those who need to plan and define advanced Web applications, and those who are charged with building them."
--Michael L. Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing