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O’Reilly Answers: Now leveraging GenAI that cites its sources

June 11, 2024

In 2020, we introduced O’Reilly Answers, an NLP-powered search experience, into our learning platform to provide our members with quick answers to technical questions, sourced from trusted O’Reilly content. Today we’re proud to release a significant update to O’Reilly Answers: a new AI-enabled product designed to enhance the productivity of our millions of users worldwide.

This expanded Answers experience leverages the latest capabilities of the open-source Llama 3 70B model to summarize the trusted content of multiple publishers available on the O’Reilly learning platform. It even cites the sources of the solutions it provides from our unrivaled breadth of multimodal content, including books, video courses, live courses, and interactive labs. And O’Reilly is the only technical learning platform that can do so.

But under the hood, there’s so much more to this release.

At O’Reilly, we believe in AI’s transformative potential to augment jobs, solve large-scale problems, and create economic opportunity. But we also believe companies like ourselves have an obligation to use AI in an ethical and forthright manner. One of those obligations includes making sure that original content creators are paid for their work—something the trainers of far too many AI models have chosen to overlook. By creating an algorithm that attributes the content referenced for an “answer,” we’re able to allocate a royalty to the original creators. Which is an important advancement in bringing AI models to market.

We’re proud to be one of the first companies to release this type of AI model because we believe it sets the stage for what’s possible in the future. We’re at a transformational moment, arguably greater than past technological changes, and we intend to lead by example.

We encourage everyone to play with the feature via their subscription or by signing up for a free trial here. Be sure to tell us what you think. And rest assured that we’ll work to continuously improve the product with new features and capabilities—while respecting the talent that made it possible in the first place.

And if you’re curious, here’s the story of how Answers has evolved to become what it is today.

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