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The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Digital Photographers: O'Reilly Releases the "Digital Photography Pocket Guide"

Press release: October 24, 2002

Sebastopol, CA--Digital photography has come of age. Digital cameras are now affordable, easy to use, and provide quality images that rival their traditional film counterparts. Digital images are easier to share, and because you only print the pictures you need, they're much more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

But according to Derrick Story, author of the just-released book Digital Photography Pocket Guide (O'Reilly, US $14.95), the real attraction is far more human in nature: "With digital cameras, you're able to free your creative spirit and take risks that you shied away from with film," he says. "Your visual inspiration now flows from your mind to the camera to the LCD screen--to then be celebrated, adjusted, or discarded for another attempt all together."

This slim little "Digital Photography Pocket Guide" gives you the tools and the knowledge to take the kind of pictures you've always wanted. Consider it your quick-reference photo mentor that explains each of the camera's components, shows you what they do, then helps you choose the right settings to accomplish your goal. When you want to ask an expert, "How can I get that picture?", simply pull this handy guide out of your camera bag, backpack, or back pocket, and you'll find the answer quickly.

The book covers everything from image resolution, flash modes, action photography, close ups and portraits, memory cards, emailing images, and archiving. It's organized by three key sections: "What Is It?", "What Does It Do?", and "How Do I ...?".

"What Is It?" is a quick reference to all those buttons on your camera. It's organized alphabetically and includes many of the familiar icons you see in your owner's guide and on the camera itself. This section helps you learn the difference between the close up button and the infinity mode.

"What Does It Do?" digs deeper into photo technique. How do you use those buttons and modes to take the photos you want? This chapter tells all.

"How Do I ...?" includes 15 professional shooting techniques and explains them in easy to understand language. If you've always wanted to know how to shoot like a pro, but were intimidated by photographer's jargon, this section is for you.

The "Digital Photography Pocket Guide" is for anyone who uses a digital camera. Even advanced amateurs forget whether to "overexpose" or "underexpose" in certain lighting conditions, and novices will appreciate the clear explanations of the various camera functions. Regardless of your prior experience, if you want to shoot like a pro with your digital camera, this guide is for you.

"This is a book I've always wanted to have for myself, but never could find at the store. Even the best photographers forget techniques that they 'already know,' and sometimes need a quick reference source, even while in the middle of a shoot," explains Story. "That's why this book is designed to fit in your back pocket or camera bag. It's intended to be there when you need answers, and you need them quick. If you want to know how the pros really work their magic, then you have to talk to someone who has been shooting seriously for years. Or just buy this book."

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Digital Photography Pocket Guide
By Derrick Story
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144 pages, $14.95 US $23.95 CA

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