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The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference: Building the Internet OS from the Ground Up

Press release: February 12, 2002

Sebastopol, CA--Keeping pace with the momentum created by last fall's energizing Peer-to-Peer & Web Services Conference, O'Reilly & Associates unveils its latest conference creation: the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. The Emerging Technology Conference delves beyond the P2P label to draft a blueprint of a distributed Internet operating system--a new foundation that integrates next-generation applications that are device- and location-independent, and provides increasingly transparent services that transcend the features and capabilities of today's web sites.

"We are at the beginning of a new era of network computing. Peer-to-Peer, Web services, and frameworks are just the tip of the iceberg," asserts O'Reilly founder and president Tim O'Reilly. Notes conference program chair Rael Dornfest, "In planning the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, we asked ourselves, who is creating the software and services that will change the face of computing and the Internet as we know it? What are the key lessons we can learn from the pioneers? The speakers and exhibitors at this conference are not only inventing a new Internet, they are coming up with new ways of thinking about computing."

Examining innovative projects, approaches, and technologies at this conference will be entrepreneurs, technologists, programmers, business developers, policy-makers, and Internet strategists, all targeting three aspects: distributed, untethered, and adaptive systems. Confirmed Internet OS "architects" speaking at the Conference include Adam Bosworth, Don Box, Steven Johnson, Lawerence Lessig, Clay Shirky, Nelson Minar, Robert Morris, Richard F. Rashid, and Kelly Truelove. Conference participants will spotlight the projects, people, and cost-conscious business models that are likely to become very important to the future of Internet computing, so that attendees will come away with a clear understanding of what is viable and why.

The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference will follow four tracks: distributed, untethered, and adaptive systems, and business models. Some of the questions and issues that will be discussed within those tracks are:

  • Distributed: network identity, presence, and addressing are becoming ubiquitous, independent of the DNS, and adaptive to individual needs. Is SOAP/WSDL/UDDI/HTTP a powerful enough platform to create killer network services? What direction are .NET, Liberty, JXTA, and Gnutella taking? How can open technologies contribute to the use of widespread distributed computing and resources? Learn how to improve the standards and infrastructure used to build the Internet OS, and how to build distributed network services that rely on distributed data resources.

  • Untethered: 802.11b opens a whole new world of wireless possibilities--how are service providers reacting to wireless community networks? Why is Bluetooth regaining momentum? Wearable devices for communication, entertainment, and network computing are reaching pervasive use--how will content providers respond to intensified demand for digital audio and video? Which platforms will be dominant in five years? How can GPS/GIS services improve the untethered Internet experience?

  • Adaptive: Biological modeling is becoming a viable means of solving some of today's Internet computing and management challenges. How do we use immune system computing models to build better software systems? How can GPS and GIS be used to build more adaptive and autonomous Internet applications? How can open standards and open source projects insure that artificial architectural control points do not deter the power of the Internet OS?

  • Business Models: As important as the technologies is a careful study of what the new business models will look like. Who is attempting to build the new network and routing infrastructure? Which rough new technological solutions open up the watershed of pervasive utilization of the new network? Where are the business opportunities?

Tim O'Reilly concludes that this conference is designed to help you "'connect the dots' and see a more complete picture of the new world that is emerging. We have comprehensive tutorials and over one hundred sessions exploring the latest ideas about web services, peer-to-peer, wireless networking, security and identity, distributed computing, GPS/GIS and location-based computing, biological and autonomic computing models, as well as the business models, standards, and infrastructure required to make them work--right from the innovators who are making it all happen."

For more complete Conference details and to register, visit Early Bird registration ends March 22, 2002.

For information on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at the conference, contact Andrew Calvo at (707) 827-7176, or

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Reviews of last fall's P2P & Web Services Conference:

"...Conferences drawing the doers and thinkers together in such a useful way are certainly important to the maturation of the business. We congratulate the O'Reilly folks on a solid success.", November 9, 2001

"Each day at the conference I get the chance to talk with brilliant, passionate people who have done amazing work. I doubt that in the course of my life I will ever be in a place where the average IQ or level of dedication is any higher."
--Jay Greenspan, Principal, Trans-City Productions and Former Producer, Webmonkey

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