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New Guide to the "Mother of All Graphics APIs"-Java 2D Graphics

Press release: May 13, 1999

SEBASTOPOL, CA--One of Java's greatest weaknesses has been its graphics capabilities. "In JDK 1.0 and JDK 1.1, the graphics capabilities that AWT offered were pretty weak," says Jonathan Knudsen, author of the just-released book Java 2D Graphics (O'Reilly & Associates, $29.95). "You could only draw lines that were one pixel wide, and you couldn't do neat things like gradient fills, and text support was pretty limited. The complaints go on and on. Sun had two ways to remedy this. They could patch things up and pump a little more life into the API to keep developers just happy enough, or they could design and deliver the mother of all graphic APIs. They chose the second approach."

Knudsen's new book describes the 2D API from top to bottom, demonstrating how to set line styles and pattern fills as well as more advanced techniques of image processing and font handling. It shows how to create and manipulate the three types of graphics objects: shapes, text, and images. Other topics include image data storage, color management, font glyphs, and printing. "Sun was very sensible about designing this API," says Knudsen. "Recognizing that they weren't experts in the fields of computer graphics, text, and imaging, the good folks at Sun partnered with Adobe, Taligent, Kodak, and a little company called Ductus, to design and build the 2D API. The result is stunning. If you're familiar with PostScript, you'll see echoes of it throughout the API and the text and image capabilities are equally impressive."

Java 2D Graphics assumes no prior knowledge of graphics. Full of detailed explanations and examples, Knudsen's book provides beginning Java programmers with a solid foundation in 2D graphics and helps more advanced programmers create and use high-quality images in their applications. "I wanted to provide a good conceptual background in computer graphics," says Knudsen," but it had to be a very practical book. There is a working example to illustrate almost every concept."

"Java 2D Graphics is a pleasure to read. It makes Java 2D easy to learn with its clear exposition of Java 2D fundamentals and it's thorough coverage of advanced topics." -David Flanagan, author of Java in a Nutshell


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Java 2D Graphics
By Jonathan Knudsen
1st Edition May 1999 (US)
1-56592-484-3, 366 pages, $29.95 (US$)

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