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O'Reilly Network Launches, New Site for Mac OS X Developers

Press release: May 6, 2002

San Jose, CA--O'Reilly Network announced the launch of, a new web site for Mac OS X professionals, at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, CA today. The heart of is a rich collection of tutorials on Mac OS X, covering the OS and the key technologies that work with its BSD Unix core. Topics include the Terminal application, AppleScript, QuickTime, Cocoa, Java, Aqua, and Apache. The site also features news and regular columns from Mac experts such as David Pogue, Chris Stone, Derrick Story, Simson Garfinkel, Bruce Perry, Lee Ann Rucker, Daniel Steinberg, Mike Beam, James Duncan Davidson, and Kevin Hemenway.

O'Reilly Network has been covering the development of Mac OS X (at since Apple officially announced its "21st century operating system" in January 2001. O'Reilly created the new, standalone site ( to offer expanded coverage of all things Mac OS X.

"As Mac OS X has reached critical mass, our readership has grown along with it," said editor Derrick Story. "Developers, web designers, and power users are all diving deep into Mac OS X. Apple made it clear from the beginning that Mac OS X is its future, so the Mac faithful have been exploring the new OS's Unix underpinnings via the Terminal application and adjusting to a brand new operating system and interface. Open source developers and Java programmers have been converting to Mac OS X in droves, attracted by its gorgeous GUI and Apple's great hardware."

The staff also produces a bi-weekly Mac OS X email newsletter. To subscribe, go to

The company also announced the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, to be held from September 30 to October 3, 2002, in Santa Clara, CA. O'Reilly is accepting proposals for tutorials and sessions until June 14, 2002. For more information, see

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