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Robichaux's New Book Helps Administrators Manage Microsoft Exchange Server

Press release: August 18, 1999

SEBASTOPOL, CA -- "Microsoft Exchange has earned a reputation as a big, complicated application; it requires more disk storage than Windows NT Server and has several hundred configuration property pages and dialogs," says Paul Robichaux, author of the just-released book Managing Microsoft Exchange Server. "But it is also a very powerful and flexible messaging system. A solid understanding of how Exchange works and how to configure and manage it is vital, especially since email has become a truly critical application for many businesses. Users who depend on Exchange are pretty unforgiving about outages and interruptions in service."

This new O'Reilly release is a no-nonsense, practical guide to planning, installing, managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting Exchange networks. Targeted at medium-sized installations and up, Managing Microsoft Exchange Server addresses the difficult problems these users face: Internet integration, storage management, cost of ownership, system security, and performance management. It goes beyond the basics to provide real hands-on advice about what you need to know after you have your first site up-and-running and are facing issues of growth, optimization, or recovery planning. Robichaux's Managing Microsoft Exchange Server comprehensively explains how Exchange works, what it can do, and how you can make it work for you.

"There are a lot of Exchange administrators-but not a lot of experienced ones," says Robichaux. "Exchange is new to a lot of people, and that can lead to costly, and unnecessary mistakes. I wrote this book to distill the best practices used at large Exchange sites (like the Department of Labor, Microsoft, and Boeing) by long-time, highly skilled administrators. I wanted to provide a way for administrators to learn from the masters instead of by trial and error."

"Managing Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the few books that made it to the very short 'A' list of reference materials I keep on my desk" -Doug Hampshire, System Admin, CCN, Inc.

"This book should be required reading for every newcomer to Exchange-and for those who've been around the block."-Missy Koslosky, US Dept. of Labor

Chapter 2, Exchange Architecture, is available free online.

For more information about the book, including Table of Contents, index, sample chapter, and author bio, see:


Managing Microsoft Exchange Server
By Paul Robichaux
1st Edition August 1999 (US)
1-56592-545-9, 718 pages, $34.95 (US$)

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