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O'Reilly Releases Updated Motif Reference Manual

March 1, 2000

O'Reilly & Associates has announced the 2nd Edition of Volume 6B, Motif Reference Manual, a complete programmer's reference for the Motif toolkit.

Motif is the only native toolkit for Unix that supports large scale internationalized applications. It provides a complete set of widgets, such as buttons, scroll bars, menus, and dialog boxes, for developing graphical user interfaces. It also includes a library of functions for creating and manipulating those widgets. "The Motif widget set needs no introduction: everyone using a UNIX-based X workstation will have either used or programmed with it," says Antony Fountain, co-author of the new volume. "The Motif widget set offers the most feature-complete solution, and remains the best choice for standardized, large scale, industrial strength, mission critical, and internationalized applications."

The second edition of the Motif Reference Manual covers Motif 2.1, a robust release supported by the major workstation vendors, including Sun (Solaris 2.7), HP, and SGI. "Motif 2.1 offers an extended range of components which provide a consistent user interface, whether in terms of overall appearance and behavior, inter-component navigability, or data transfer. The components are rich in configurability, either from the programmer or the user perspective," says Fountain. "No other toolkit offers programmers greater power over the geometry management of their programs."

This book is designed to be used with Volume 6A, Motif Programming Manual, which describes how to build applications using the Motif toolkit and provides a complete tutorial with programming examples. Both of these books are an integral part of the X Window System series from O'Reilly.

What a reader said about the previous edition:

"This is a 'must get' book for all the Motif programmers. Personally, I have bought several Motif books before I purchased the Motif Programming Manual. Just forget others, and get this book to start with. The good points about this book compared to other Motif books: Plenty more examples than other books. For all programming standard, much more easy to read and follow. You can learn much more from the examples than other books. A very organized, efficient, and structural programming style. In conclusion, you can learn not only to be 'a good Motif programmer', but also 'to make full use of Motif."

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Volume 6B: Motif Reference Manual, 2nd Edition
For Motif 2.1
By Antony Fountain & Paula Ferguson
2nd Edition February 2000
1-56592-654-4, 1172 pages, $49.95

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