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The Efficient Way to Develop, Debug, and Deploy Java Code: O'Reilly Releases "NetBeans: The Definitive Guide"

Press release: November 11, 2002

Sebastopol, CA--"The power of an IDE lies not just in its ability to make programming simple, but also in its ability to make programming powerful," state the authors of NetBeans: The Definitive Guide (Boudreau, Glick, Greene, Spurlin, and Woehr, O'Reilly, US $44.95), adding, "While IDEs are often greatly valued for making repetitive tasks easier, the truly useful IDE makes even the most complex tasks accessible by the typical developer." This is what NetBeans does: it allows developers to exchange one set of development techniques and practices for another. Rather than just performing the same tasks more quickly, programmers are able to master more advanced topics, and create more complex applications, all with their existing skill set and the NetBeans IDE.

There are numerous IDEs available today for use by Java developers, but NetBeans stands above the rest. It's powerful, useful, extensible, open, and free. In "NetBeans: The Definitive Guide" developers will learn how to use this IDE to its fullest, making their programming more efficient and productive than ever before. Through a detailed tutorial, the book explains the capabilities of the NetBeans IDE, introducing readers to the basics of the IDE and getting them started with the various editor and explorer windows. Readers will master many of NetBeans' advanced features and learn to work with XML documents, CVS repositories, Javadoc trees, and web applications, all within the NetBeans framework.

In addition to covering the existing features of NetBeans, this book goes on to demonstrate how to develop additional modules for NetBeans. In this portion of the book, readers will explore the NetBeans APIs and learn how to enhance NetBeans for their own specific needs. Additionally, companies can extend the NetBeans framework to create a highly customized, advanced application platform for their own GUI applications. Numerous commercial companies are already doing just this, taking advantage of the existing components of NetBeans to allow for focusing on the business needs of the company; the result is more advanced applications developed faster than ever possible without the use of NetBeans.

"NetBeans: The Definitive Guide" includes:

  • Using the core NetBeans IDE
  • Debugging, compiling, and programming with the IDE
  • Building GUI forms and applications
  • Generating and browsing Javadoc within the IDE
  • Integrating NetBeans with XML, Jakarta Ant, and web applications
  • Complete coverage of the NetBeans OpenAPIs
  • Tuning and best practices for module programming
  • Building and packaging your own NetBeans distribution

"NetBeans: The Definitive Guide" presumes that the reader is a NetBeans beginner and not a beginning programmer. It will be of interest to a wide range of readers: enterprise developers looking for an IDE that can handle complex program tasks, open source developers looking to integrate NetBeans into their own visual projects, or even managers wanting to maximize their team's development potential. This book is for anyone who wants to learn to use NetBeans to enhance their programming productivity.

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NetBeans: The Definitive Guide
Tim Boudreau, Jesse Glick, Simeon Greene, Vaughn Spurlin, and Jack Woehr
ISBN 0-596-00280-7, 646 pages, $44.95 (US), $69.95 (CAN)
1-800-998-9938; 1-707-827-7000

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