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New O'Reilly Book Saves Sys Admins Time and "Logon Problem" Headaches

February 4, 2000

Sebastopol, CA--Administrators spend much of their time and energy on workstation problems, those user and logon problems that keep the helpdesk phone jingling. From forgotten passwords to user-caused destruction of workstation environments, the problems are ongoing and unremitting. Aimed at administrators who run networks with Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows 95, and Windows 98 clients, a brand new O'Reilly release, Managing Windows NT Logons, puts those common problems and solutions into a volume that administrators can keep at hand and use easily.

"The essence of this book is a very, very detailed explanation of everything that happens during logons and user access of resources, what you can configure, how you can troubleshoot, and so on," says author Kathy Ivens. "Whatever happens, the odds that this book covers it are incredibly high, because it's so filled with detail."

One of the most frustrating things an administrator can hear is the user complaint "my computer won't start." The first chapter of this comprehensive new volume talks about the various startup problems you may encounter with your hardware, operating system, or domain server. But startup is only one area where you might encounter a logon emergency. Maybe the difficulty lies in the password, the logon script, or perhaps even the resource access. Managing Windows NT Logons even tells you how to manage workstations and fix problems remotely. Whatever it is, this book is a useful, to-the-point reference that will help you put out fires quickly and free up your time to do more important work.

This book covers:

  • Lockouts and freezes
  • Forced password changes
  • Replication and execution problems with the Logon Script
  • Local, roaming, and mandatory profiles
  • Domains and servers, the Network Neighborhood, and peripherals
  • Control of user activity
  • Remote administration on NT 4.0 and Win9x workstations
  • Command line incantations

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Managing Windows NT Logons
By Kathy Ivens
1st Edition February 2000
1-56592-637-4, 236 pages, $29.95

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