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Oracle Database Administrators Leverage the Power of Parallel Processing

Press release: August 23, 2000

SEBASTOPOL, CA--O'Reilly's Oracle Parallel Processing is the first book to comprehensively distinguish the complete range of parallel processing capabilities in the Oracle8 and Oracle 8i environments. As enterprise databases continue to grow exponentially, and internet sites are accessed by increasingly vast numbers of users, such growth strains the ability of single-processor and single-computer systems to handle the load. More and more, organizations are turning to parallel processing technologies to give them the performance, scalability, and reliability they need.

Parallel processing involves dividing a large computer task into several smaller ones, and then working on each of the smaller tasks simultaneously. The goal of this divide-and-conquer approach is to complete the larger task in less time than it would have taken to do in one large chunk. Oracle Parallel Processing is the first book to describe the full range of parallel processing capabilities in the Oracle environment, which supports a number of parallel architectures, products, and features.

The book's organization lays the groundwork for successful Oracle parallel processing, with sections that outline the major implications of the technology and its details:

  • Parallel processing overview--What are its features, benefits, and pitfalls? Who needs it and who doesn't? What features does Oracle provide, and what are their requirements and overhead implications? The authors take a close look at these issues and present the various parallel architectures (Symmetric Multiprocessing or SMP, Massively Parallel Processing or MPP, clustered systems, and Non Uniform Memory Access or NUMA).

  • Parallel execution--Oracle supports a variety of parallel execution features in the database. The book shows how to use, administer, and tune all of these features: query, data loading, Data Manipulation Language (DML), object creation, recovery, replication propagation, and function execution.

  • Oracle Parallel Server--Oracle also provides the extra-cost OPS option that makes it possible to spread work over multiple CPUs and multiple nodes. The book addresses requirements, administration, monitoring, tuning, and recovery issues.

If you're managing a large database, a database with a large number of concurrent users, or a database with high availability requirements-such as a heavily trafficked e-commerce site--Oracle Parallel Processing will provide the ultimate knowledge needed to leverage Oracle8 and Oracle8i parallel processing features. As noted by Ken Jacobs, vice president of Product Strategy for Oracle Server Technologies, "The in-depth and comprehensive treatment of Oracle's parallel processing technology makes this book a keeper for every serious database professional."

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