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Press Release: September 6, 2001

SQLJ: The Next Step in Database Access with Java

Sebastopol, CA--Until recently, Java programmers working in an Oracle environment have primarily used JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) to access data within an Oracle database. SQLJ is a technology that serves the same purpose, but goes even further than JDBC. As author Jason Price explains in his new book, Java Programming with Oracle SQLJ (O'Reilly, US $39.95), SQLJ operates at a higher level of abstraction than JDBC and has a simpler, more concise syntax than JDBC. This results in SQLJ programs containing fewer lines of source code than comparable JDBC programs. In addition, with SQLJ the compiler checks the embedded SQL statements during compilation, while JDBC checks them only when the program is actually run. This translates into more rapid, concise development with SQLJ, with fewer errors making their way into the production code.

"SQLJ represents the next step in the evolution of database access using Java. It is poised to become THE way to use the Oracle9i database with Java," says Price. "Once programmers try SQLJ, they'll never want to go back to JDBC." A longtime Oracle insider, Price outlines SQLJ programming techniques in his book, first showing readers how to connect to an Oracle database to issue SELECT queries and other SQL statements. He then moves on to more advanced topics, such as deploying SQLJ code within the Oracle database server, using streams, and working with large objects. Price's goal in writing the book was to provide all the information programmers would need to write high-quality SQLJ programs.

Java Programming with Oracle SQLJ also provides full descriptions of the various command-line tools, the requirements for using SQLJ, performance tuning tips, and an abundance of working code examples to illustrate the real-world use of SQLJ.

Price, who is both an Oracle certified database administrator and certified application developer, has written Java Programming with Oracle SQLJ for developers who need a comprehensive guide on writing SQLJ programs or who wish to migrate from JDBC to SQLJ. The book will also be useful to technical managers who need a thorough introduction to SQLJ.

"This book provides a clear exposition and a wealth of examples benefiting all Oracle SQL and Java programmers who want to improve their productivity through SQLJ--the standard for embedding SQL in Java," said Steven G. Harris, director of Java Products Group, Server Technologies, for Oracle Corporation. "I am particularly excited about the inclusion of the latest Oracle9i SQLJ features--such as support for dynamic SQL--that put SQLJ fully on par with JDBC."

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Java Programming with Oracle SQLJ
August 2001
By Jason Price
ISBN 0-596-00087-1, 381 pages, $39.95 (US)

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