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O'Reilly Network Announces Affiliates: Open and Emerging Technology Sites Created By Developers

December 6, 1999

Philadelphia, PA--The O'Reilly Network, a network of Web sites covering open and emerging technologies, is announcing its first affiliate sites at the XML '99 conference today. The sites, offering in-depth resources on four influential technologies, provide essential information for developers. The O'Reilly Network is scheduled for a January 2000 launch date.

XML.com, Apache Week, Servlets.com, and MySQL.com are the O'Reilly Network's first four affiliates, a number which is expected to grow throughout 2000. Run by knowledgeable members of the communities they're serving, each site has its own flavor and focus, while sharing a passion for the technologies it covers. Through affiliation with the O'Reilly Network, these sites will share content, and use O'Reilly's marketing and advertising services.

"We are in the process of extending the O'Reilly brand online, and one of our first steps is to network together useful, independent sites that cover the technologies our developers care about," explained Dale Dougherty, publisher of the O'Reilly Network. "Each affiliate site will carry a logo featuring a distinctive O'Reilly animal, creating a visual connection to O'Reilly."

Site Profiles

The affiliates all feature regularly-updated news, collections of tools, reviews, previews of upcoming software, and links to numerous helpful resources.

XML.com is designed to serve developers who are already knowledgeable about XML, as well as anyone who wants to understand XML's power and complexity. Edd Dumbill is Managing Editor of XML.com, which tackles controversial topics like XSL and EDI. A core feature of XML.com is the annotated XML specification, created by Tim Bray, co-editor of XML 1.0 and founding Technical Editor of XML.com. The site includes a guide to hundreds of authoring tools, an in-depth XML resource guide, and interactive forums.

Apache Week is the leading commercial site supporting the world's most popular Web server. It is hosted by C2Net, a provider of full-strength encryption software. The site features status reports on Apache with complete lists of known bugs, previews of upcoming versions of Apache, and numerous links to sites providing specifications and essential documentation.

Web developers who need to generate dynamic web content are using Java servlets for a powerful, Java-based solution. Servlets.com was created by Jason Hunter, author of O'Reilly & Associates' Java Servlet Programming. The site covers the latest news on servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) development, and is the home of the award-winning com.oreilly.servlet package. The site also makes available the source code for all the examples from Hunter's book.

MySQL is free database software suitable for large Web sites with heavy traffic, as well as small businesses with modest database needs. Running on UNIX, Linux, Win32 and OS/2, MySQL is supported by a large number of other technologies, and won the 1998 Readers Choice Award for Most Used Database over the Internet (Linux Journal, January, 1999). MySQL.com features the latest MySQL news, documentation for upcoming versions of MySQL, tutorials, and searchable mailing list archives.

About the O'Reilly Network

The O'Reilly Network grew out of a realization that the same intelligent developers who appreciate the technical depth and thoroughness of O'Reilly & Associates' books need similar resources online. The Network's primary missions are to identify emerging platforms and key technologies, and to help developers understand how they interact, who the important players are, and what major developments are taking place. The O'Reilly Network is a wholly-owned subsidiary of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

Dale Dougherty, the visionary behind the O'Reilly Network, has been instrumental in many of O'Reilly & Associates' most important efforts. He was founding editor of the company's Nutshell Handbooks. He was the developer and publisher of Global Network Navigator (GNN), the first commercial Web site. He was developer and publisher of Web Review, a widely-respected online magazine for professional Web designers. Dale has written and edited numerous books at O'Reilly & Associates. He is a Lecturer in the School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS) at the University of California at Berkeley.

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