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Press Release: December 21, 2001

At the Heart of the Movement: Participate In the O'Reilly Open Source Convention

Sebastopol, CA--One of the most anticipated open source conferences is gearing up for its 2002 edition: the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. The creators, players, pundits, and products come together annually at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, happening this year at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina in sunny San Diego, California, July 22-26, 2002.


This five-day event is designed for programmers, developers, strategists, and technical staff involved in open source technology and its applications. We're especially seeking presentations that invoke open source's innovative, do-more-with-less origins and address the challenges of today's economic turbulence. What technologies will thrive, and help us to thrive, in the future? Creating and reinvesting in community is at the core of open source philosophy--what open source initiatives continue to strengthen these values?

The O'Reilly Open Source Convention begins with two days of rigorous tutorials aimed at novices and experienced users of Perl, MySQL, PHP, Python, XML, Linux, and other key open source technologies. All tutorials are designed to provide concrete knowledge that leads directly to greater productivity.

Following the tutorial sessions are three days of multi-tracked convention sessions focusing on leading technologies, best practices and case studies, feature talks, demonstrations, and panel debates examining: Perl, PHP, XML, databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redhat DB, Sleepycat), operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X), Python, Apache, and Java. Emerging topics, ethics, and political and legal issues will also share the debate limelight.

All presenters whose talks are accepted will receive free registration at the conference. Deadline for submission of proposals is March 1, 2002. Speakers will be notified by March 11, 2002. Convention registration opens April 1, 2002.

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Exhibition And Sponsorship:

If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the convention, contact Andrew Calvo at 707-827-7176, or

Words About the 2001 O'Reilly Open Source Convention:

"It's a rare thing to attend a computing conference where something actually happens--here, instead of people waxing profound on the possibilities of this technology or that (in between coffee breaks), you get a surprise announcement that's certain to shake up the world as we know it. But there's a sense here this week that this conference--the O'Reilly Open Source Convention--might be one of those that amounts to something: Minds will be changed. People will see the light. The world will be better after this."
--Farhad Manjoo, Wired, July 25, 2001

"O'Reilly's Open Source Conference (OSCON) is easily the most interesting technical event I attend every year. Each day at the conference I get the chance to talk with brilliant, passionate people who have done amazing work. I doubt that in the course of my life I will ever be in a place where the average IQ or level of dedication is any higher."
--WebMonkey, August 2, 2001

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