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O'Reilly Releases Practical PostgreSQL--A Hands-On Guide to the Open Source Database

February 1, 2002

Sebastopol, CA--PostgreSQL is considered by many to be the most advanced open source database in the world, providing a wealth of features that are usually only found in commercial databases such as DB2 or Oracle. It is an object-relational database management system first developed in 1977 by the University of California at Berkeley. But in spite of its long history and extensive user base, PostgreSQL suffers from a lack of comprehensive and easy-to-use documentation. Practical PostgreSQL by John C. Worsley and Joshua D. Drake (O'Reilly, US $44.95) fills that information void with a fast-paced guide to installation, configuration, and usage.

"Our book on PostgreSQL is timely, as PostgreSQL is the most advanced open source database available," says coauthor Drake. "The more businesses turn to open source alternatives from proprietary products, the more they will see a return on investment. Our book comes at an opportune time to allow businesses to take advantage of the highly developed features that PostgreSQL has to offer."

Worsley and Drake are co-owners and founders of CommandPrompt, Inc., which is likely the only full-time application development house for PostgreSQL in the US. They specialize in providing Managed PostgreSQL services and support. CommandPrompt is also the only company to provide an XML-based application server for PostgreSQL, LXP.

"The use of PostgreSQL is picking up steam in a lot of places," Drake adds. "The BioMedical department of the University of California at Davis uses it. The University of Carolina uses it. We at CommandPrompt use it for several very large projects. Users of PostgreSQL need applicable, real world documentation for PostgreSQL to continue to grow."

Practical PostgreSQL provides readers with all the basics, such as how to create databases and objects, like tables, within those databases. Experienced users can go straight to advanced topics such as inheritance, replication, user management, and backup and recover. The book also introduces the severely under-documented PL/pgSQL procedural language. The book ends with a comprehensive PostgreSQL command reference. Included with the book is a CD-ROM with LXP, CommandPrompt's PostgreSQL Application Server. The CD covers LXP version 0.8.0 and PostgreSQL version 7.1.3.

The emphasis of Practical PostgreSQL in on the practical use of PostgreSQL as a backend database. The book is targeted at developers who need a relational database product, and who wish to use an open source database such as PostgreSQL. Readers should be familiar with Unix, and should have a basic understanding of relational database concepts.

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Practical PostgreSQL
By John C. Worsley and Joshua D. Drake
January 2002
ISBN 1-56592-846-6, 619 pages with CD, $44.95 (US), $67.95 (CAN)

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