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Programming Web Graphics with Open Source Software

Press release: March 12, 1999

SEBASTOPOL, CA -- Many people assume that creating web graphics requires graphics editors like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. But with Open Source software like Perl and GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) you have the power to dynamically generate graphics based on user input and activity, easily manipulate graphics content, and optimize graphics for compression and quality.

It's a little -- documented field, and the valuable free libraries and tools available on the Internet are little publicized. From access counters and log-report graphs to scientific plots and on-the-fly animated GIFS, graphics scripting is within the grasp of most web scripters. Programming Web Graphics with Perl & GNU Software was written to provide a practical resource for intermediate and advanced web programmers who want to use CGI Scripts to generate dynamic graphic content.

"This book takes online graphics out of the pixel-based world of programs like Photoshop" says Richard Koman, O'Reilly editor, "Open source software like Perl and the GIMP enable programmers and scripters the ability to create web sites with dynamically generated graphics that interact with user input and behavior. With this book, author Shawn Wallace heralds an era of just-in-time graphics."

"Overall, well written and very valuable to me. I learned quite a few things about the Image::Magick library that I didn't already know. The book will be setting at my deskside along with a select group of other essential web programming resources."-Lincoln Stein

For more information, including Table of Contents and index, see:

Programming Web Graphics with Perl & GNU Software
By Shawn P. Wallace
1st Edition February 1999 (US)
1-56592-478-9, 470 pages, $29.95 (US$)

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