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RevealNet and O'Reilly to Create Java Knowledge Bases

Press release: July 8, 1999

April 12, 1999--RevealNet, Inc., developer of knowledge-based solutions and development tools, and technical publisher O'Reilly & Associates announced today that the two companies are partnering to create Java knowledge bases. This partnership will leverage RevealNet's already extensive integration of similar knowledge bases and development tools for the Oracle market and O'Reilly's position as the world's leading publisher of Java technical books.

"RevealNet and O'Reilly have collaborated on 'bookware' in the past, but this venture is different--we're jointly developing a software product for Java developers built on best-practice expertise," says Tom White, RevealNet president. "The Java knowledge base will integrate expert technical content with software delivery mechanisms that actively engage users in the process of software development. It's a customizable software tool that will deliver 'active knowledge' directly into the application development lifecycle."

Working with O'Reilly's vast Java technical reference library, RevealNet will deploy best-practice knowledge focused on solving the majority of Java development requirements. Users will also have the ability to add, organize, search, and customize the knowledge bases with site-specific technical content, applets, and source code.

"Our customers have a definite need for the embedded knowledge bases RevealNet creates, and this partnership is another indication of O'Reilly's commitment to publish the best technical knowledge in the most cutting-edge media," says Steve Jacoby, manager of corporate sales at O'Reilly. "RevealNet Knowledge Bases complement all our other products and services allowing Corporate Sales at O'Reilly to offer customers complete solutions for thier information needs in a variety of mediums."

The first release is expected to be shipped early this fall.

Prior to its partnership with O'Reilly, RevealNet has for the last eight years concentrated on developing knowledge-based solutions and expert coding tools to keep Oracle and DB2 projects on schedule and on budget. RevealNet's SQL-based products are tightly integrated within other host products from such major commercial software vendors as Platinum technology, Quest Software, Embarcadero Technologies, and Sylvain Faust Inc. RevealNet products include Oracle code formatters, code generators, code libraries, and expert knowledge bases. Developed by a team of world-renowned Oracle authors, RevealNet products cover over 3,000 topics dealing with the tasks and challenges of Oracle--from administration and configuration management, to application design and performance tuning. The company's knowledge bases can quickly and reliably answer nearly 80 percent of daily Oracle questions. For more information, visit or call 800.738.3254.

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